A Virtual Game 


to assist in developing & maintaining 

relationships with clients or co-workers


"Out of everything we’ve done’ so far in the last year, this is more interactive than I’ve ever dealt with. Period. And you have so many things to do too. It wasn’t like one or two different things and you’re like now what do we do now that this is done. You could have kept rolling with it if you needed to."

-- Player, International Media Company -- 


The Challenge

With the trend of businesses operating virtually, organizations are seeking innovative ways to stay connected with one another.

The Solution

ConnectRship is a tool that can help with teambuilding and maintaining relationships with your clients and employees through the use of games and some friendly competition. 

"I just thought it was great, top to bottom. The only critique I can think of is that it went by too quickly, so a longer session would have been great. What a fun brain break!"

 - Director of Marketing at an Accounting Firm - 

"I received tons of emails after saying how much fun everyone had so I think we succeeded!! 😊
As for pre-event and planning prior – could not have been easier! You guys are the best!!

 - Office Operations at an Insurance Firm -