Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many people can participate?

We have done events as small as 5 to as large as 250 people. Reach out to us, so we can explain how we could accommodate your group. 

2. What kind of games do you play?

 We have over 20+ game offerings that are all playable in different formats.  For some of the activities the host will give each individual a turn to guess, and other games will happen in breakout rooms as a team. There will even be an activity that gets participants on their feet and moving. Some of our most popular games are ConnectRades (miming actions), ConnectRhunt (hunting for a select item), ConnectRtrivia, ConnectRmemory (memorizing a board of objects), and ConnectRsound (guess the name of the sound being played). Reach out to us for even more details.

3. What does a typical event agenda look like?

ConnectRship is all about a variety of activities in every event. We strive to keep your guests engaged and having fun. We keep the pace moving. Your host will facilitate a variety of activities (typically 5-8 in the hour event) that may include some of the following: ConnectRten, ConnectRshare, ConnectRsong, ConnectRtrivia, ConnectRHunt, ConnectRmemory, ConnectRades, ConnectRsound, ConnectRmercial, ConnectRunscramble, ConnectRlogic and/or others. The ConnectRship team can customize some activities with content that is relevant to your group. 

4. Who facilitates the event?

Our events are facilitated by our staff of trained ConnectRship hosts.

5. What do you mean by "variety of activities"?

We make our best effort to engage all participants throughout the event. Someone who participates in a one hour event will experience about 5-8 different activities. The activities are fast-paced by design so that everyone has to stay engaged and alert.  

6. What platform do you use? And do I need an account to participate?

We currently use Zoom as our platform. You do not need an account to play. We provide the link through our account and a meeting ID, and you just show up ready to play. 

7. How do I experience a ConnectRship demo?

Head to our website tab “Book a Demo.”

8. What are the possible uses of ConnectRship

ConnectRship can be used for team building, client engagement, company tournaments, networking events, client appreciation gifts, school fundraisers, partner retreats, diversity events, alumni gatherings, women’s initiatives, senior leadership meetings, product launches, company/employee milestones, recruiting, onboarding, staff appreciation, etc. Let us know your goals for your event, so we can tailor the session to meet your needs.

9. What do you mean when you say the event can be "fully customizable"?

You can customize your event by choosing the length of time, degree of difficulty, game content, and the selection of games. ConnectRship will personalize everything to your liking. Customization is an additional charge. Reach out for a personalized quote.

10. What do I do if I'm interested?

Share your event goals and estimated number of participants by giving us a call at 973.788.6986, emailing, or signing up for a free demo at our website tab "Book an Event."

11. What happens after I book an event?

We will provide you with the Zoom link and a virtual video invite. Show up on the day of your event to relax and enjoy!

12. What are company tournaments?

Company tournaments consist of multiple sessions where the winning teams for each session progress to the next round. There are lots of opportunities to be creative.

13. How can swag be bundled with my event to enhance the experience?

Our parent company, Pride Products, has been in the promotional products industry for 23 years and can provide you with affordable, creative swag ideas. Swag can be used to incentivize participation, to wear/eat/drink during the event, or as a thank you gift or winning prize at the end.

14. Why is there all this buzz around ConnectRship? What differentiates it from its competitors?

ConnectRship is fully structured and facilitated. Everyone will be engaged throughout the session. Events are fully customizable, and an agenda will be put together that perfectly meets your needs.

15. Why did you choose the name "ConnectRship"

ConnectRship events are all about connecting people and developing relationships!