Why is there all this buzz around ConnectRship? What differentiates ConnectRship from its competitors?

What kind of games do you play?

What are the possible uses of ConnectRship?

What do you mean when you say the event is "fully customizable"?


Why is ConnectRship relevant today?

How many people can participate?

Why did you choose the name "ConnectRship"?

What does a typical event agenda look like?

What do I do if I'm interested?

Why is the pre-event meeting necessary?


What are "company tournaments"?

How can swag be bundled with my event to enhance the experience?


Where do I get up to date info on ConnectRship?

What do you mean by "variety of games"?


Why do you exclusively use Zoom, and do I need an account to play?

How do I experience a ConnectRship demo?

Who facilitates the event(s)?

What is your favorite part of hosting events?

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