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determine your goals for the event(S)

Team building?

Getting to know your co-workers?

Getting to know your clients?

Friendly competition?



Choose an event run-time & date

We offer 30, 60 and 90 minute events,

but our most popular bookings are for 60 minutes.

Get a flavor of what the fun is about

with a free demo.


If you're ready, book your event!



send us your guest list*

We believe that smaller events enable maximum participation and engagement.

Larger companies should consider hosting tournaments to break employees into smaller groups.

*If using as a Business Development tool, request a quote for us to handle prospecting/inviting guests.



Customize your event*

We will customize your event based on your goals and group size. Activities played will be designed so that all participants are actively engaged.

We can make the whole event thematic to your company, industry, geographic location, etc. 

*Customization is an additional charge. Reach out to us for a quote.



add swag to your event

We have a partnership with Pride Products Distributors LLC. to affordably bundle items like caps, shirts, water bottles, etc. to your event.

Want ideas on how SWAG can be utilized in your event?



sit back & enjoy your custom, facilitated event


Our events are hosted by a facilitator who ensures that there is participation by everyone and lots of laughs.


We do not accept payment until there is

100% satisfaction.

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