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Keeping New Hires Engaged

It’s no surprise that internships provide a great opportunity for employers to work with talented students while exploring potential candidates to fill positions within an organization. However, on the occasion that the interns are given permanent positions, a major issue arises.

The Situation: You just offered the summer interns full time employment! Woo-hoo! While the employment offer was accepted, the interns have one more year before graduating school and working with your organization.

The Challenge: There is a significant gap between the time the interns are offered the full time position and the time the interns are available to fill the positions. There will be months spent without consistent communication with the new hires.

The Question: How do you keep your new hires engaged by feeling welcomed, unforgotten, and in touch with the connections they made over the summer during this transition period?

While this is a common challenge employers face when hiring interns, there are several ways to ensure that you maintain a meaningful relationship with your new hires.

1) Keep the Line of Communication Open

  • Stay connected with your new hires via phone or email regularly. Moreover, organize a check-in meeting or event to remind the new hires that they are still valued and appreciated.

2) Consider Virtual Meetings

  • Between your business meetings and your new hires’ university commitments, there may not be a lot of overlap in availability. Virtual meetings allow for a more convenient and cost-effective way of staying connected.

3) Have Fun

  • When meeting with new hires, create a fun environment that simultaneously allows you to communicate with them, learn new things about one another, and establish a sense of reassurance on both sides.

Uses: How can you utilize ConnectRship for keeping new hires engaged?

ConnectRship is a fun solution to this challenge that many employers face! How? Because it is a virtual gaming event that 1) allows you to stay connected with your new hires, 2) is completely virtual thus eliminating travel-related expenses, and 3) consists of a variety of interactive games that keep everyone entertained.

Our team @ConnectRship understands the significance of relationships in the workplace. Therefore, our activities are conducive to building relationships, maintaining existing relationships, and strengthening group bonds. It is essential that your new hires keep in contact with their supervisors and mentors from your organization that they spent the duration of their internship with. It is also important for your new hires to meet members in your organization they did not have the chance to connect with during their internship. ConnectRship is the perfect platform for this meeting to occur. Our event is a very fun, low-stakes environment that will allow your new hires to feel comfortable before starting their new position with the company.

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