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After years of entertaining friends and family with their competitive game nights, the father daughter team of Andy Nadel and Amy Nadel always wanted to share their game nights with the world. It was when remote working was becoming a thing that they decided it was the right time.

Working from their basement, they created games, came up with content, and figured out ways to convert their in-person game nights to a virtual platform. After a few weeks of testing out with friends and family, ConnectRship was created. They chose the name ConnectRship because ConnectRship events are all about CONNECTing people and developing RelationSHIPs.

Our Story

Our Story

After they landed their first client, word gradually spread, and their clientele  grew. As the clientele grew, their team grew. Now, they have a team of professionals helping them out.



With eight years experience on Wall Street and 22+ years running Pride Products, Andy understands that developing personal relationships is often the differentiator in a competitive industry. 


Anny heads up marketing and operations. With over 20 years of experience within Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations, she understands the importance of relationships and staying connected with clients and employees.

ConnectRship Host

In addition to running social media marketing and creating game content, game enthusiast Amy will have you jumping from one game to the next without a hitch in her events.

ConnectRship Host

Trained as a stand-up comedian, Kyle will have you laughing throughout your event with his wittiness and charm.  Quick on his feet and well-versed, he won't miss a beat. 

ConnectRship Host

Celebrating life to the fullest and having fun whenever possible, LeAnn will create a warm and fun environment where all participants have a blast and maybe discover some unexpected things along the way.

ConnectRship Host

Briana has performed at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Seaworld, or even traveled the globe with Disney Cruise Line. Now she is ready to host some fierce and friendly competition with ConnectRship!

ConnectRship Host

Phil is an improvisational and stand-up comedian who believes the most important rule is that everyone is having fun.  His passion for hosting and entertaining is sure to raise the energy of your event. He'll have you laughing from one activity to the next!

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