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Incorporating Fun Into the Onboarding Process

Whether formally or informally, all new hires are welcomed into the organization through an onboarding process. Whether it be as casual as pairing the newbie with someone on the team who will show him/her the ropes, or having a formal process with meetings, training and networking opportunities, the first few days of a new hire is a memorable one for them. Be sure to make it a positive, and perhaps fun, memory.

The new hires of most of our clients who are still operating remotely and/or in a hybrid model have never stepped into the firm’s headquarters office. As such, they have never met other members of the organization outside of their teams. We can probably safely say that even the members they have met, they have only met them virtually through virtual team meetings.

To give them a fun break to their onboarding process, our clients have hired us to facilitate their ‘meet the new hire’ event, which in pre-pandemic times can be equivalent to a firm happy hour.

  • One accounting firm paired up mentors with mentees so that each would get to know the other better on a different level outside of the day-to-day rigor of work. No debits or credits discussed at our event!

  • A major law firm with a big incoming class of interns and new hires hired us for three simultaneous events so that we could be a part of their agenda in their onboarding for new hires.

There are many more clients who have hired us to be part of their onboarding process. Though they differ in size, industry and location, they all have one common goal -- giving the new hires an opportunity to have some fun during the orientation week and to give them an opportunity to meet and get to know their colleagues and/or mentors on a different level.

So if you are still operating remotely or have adopted a hybrid model, keep us in mind as we can facilitate and help with the onboarding process for new hires.


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